Flexsteel Tomkins Love Seat

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BHF-Flexsteel Tomkins Love Seat

41"H x 75"W x 40"D





 * 41"H x 75"W x 40"D




Tomkin’s chic design is both modest and bold with simple features and contemporary style sure to last a lifetime.
Divided back cushions and fullypadded footrests offer comfort and support, while the wide, shapely armrests
add to Tomkin’s sleek form. A power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright
to a fully reclined position, and a dual power button allows you to independently adjust the headrest for
custom relaxation.




 * Blue Steel Spring Unit
* Attached Back Cushions
* Attached high-density seat cushions
* Close wall proximity allows you to open and recline in any position with the furniture positioned only six
inches from the wall
* Extra heavy-duty lay-flat mechanism will accommodate occupants weighing up to 350 pounds
* Power mechanisms allow you to smoothly recline to any position with the touch of a button
* Power headrest mechanism allows you to adjust the headrest with a touch of a button
* Dual power buttons allow you to operate the reclining and headrest mechanisms independently
* Single USB port is located at the center of each power button
* Removable backs allow for easy lifting and maneuvering through doorways




Lifetime Limited Warranty
* Couch Internal Structures
* Springs
* Wood Frames
* Metal Bases
* Reclining Mechanisms
* Seat Cushion Foam
* Feathers

Five-Year Limited Warranty
* Electrical Components
* Mechanical Components

One-Year Limited Warranty
* Finished Wood
* Plastic Components
* Metal Components
* Battery Packs
* Filling Materials
* Pillow Fiber Filing
* Upholstery Materials



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