Flexsteel Prescott Leather Love Seat

In stock
BHF-1522-22 in 600-70






     * 64”H x 41”W x 35”D




Two’s company, and this Flexsteel Prescott Leather Loveseat is ready to host. Now, you can share your favorite chair
without having to get up. Paired with the solid wood frame, plush foam, and luxurious leather, this is the statement
loveseat your home is looking for.




     * Blue Steel Spring Unit
* Attached Back Cushions
* Attached high-density seat cushions
* Close wall proximity allows you to open and recline in any position with the furniture positioned only six
inches from the wall
* Extra heavy-duty lay-flat mechanism will accommodate occupants weighing up to 350 pounds
* Removable backs allow for easy lifting and maneuvering through doorways




Lifetime Limited Warranty
* Couch Internal Structures
* Springs
* Wood Frames
* Metal Bases
* Reclining Mechanisms
* Seat Cushion Foam
* Feathers

Five-Year Limited Warranty
* Electrical Components
* Mechanical Components

One-Year Limited Warranty
* Finished Wood
* Plastic Components
* Metal Components
* Battery Packs
* Filling Materials
* Pillow Fiber Filing
* Upholstery Materials



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