Anton White Kitchen Island Cart

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Anton White Kitchen Island Cart
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Width: 39.25 Inches , Length: 23.5 Inches , Height: 35.15 Inches



* 39.25", Length_ 23.5", Height_ 35.15"/pre>




Whether keeping your kitchenware neatly organized or setting the stage for your romantic dinner for two, this Anton
White Kitchen Island Cart is a must-have for your abode. Made from solid wood, it boasts a hand brushed white vintage
finish and has a butcher block counter top. It features ample storage to keep pots, pans, and more out of sight and out
of mind, while the side shelves provide space to store ingredients, spices, cookbooks, and other cooking essentials.
A towel bar hangs a tea towel close to hand.




     * 100% solid wood
* 7 step hand-brushed white vintage finish
* Solid wood top that doubles as a durable chopping block
* Hand-forged iron accents and towel rack
* Ample storage
* Fully assembled
* Made in America

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